Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil
Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil
Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil
Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil
Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil

Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set- 14K Rose Gold Vermeil

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Introducing our captivating Celtic Orange Sapphire Ring Set, a striking and meaningful symbol of love and heritage. This exquisite set features a brilliant Kite Cut orange sapphire that is sure to steal hearts and make a statement.

►The Gemstone:
At the center of this enchanting set lies a rare and vibrant Kite Cut genuine lab-grown 'Padparadscha' orange sapphire. This unique gemstone, with its vivid and fiery orange hue, radiates warmth and energy. The Kite Cut, characterized by its unconventional shape with sharp, angled corners, adds a modern twist to the timeless elegance of sapphires. As a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and sincerity, this orange sapphire is the perfect choice for those who seek a gemstone that embodies not only beauty but also meaningful qualities.

►The Celtic Design:
Surrounding this exquisite sapphire is a beautifully crafted Celtic knotwork design. The intricate interlacing patterns of the Celtic knots symbolize the eternal journey of life, love, and connection. They evoke the rich heritage of Celtic culture and the enduring bonds of family and tradition.

►Orange is a vibrant and energetic color, often associated with creativity, enthusiasm, and passion. Orange sapphires may be seen as a symbol of these qualities, making them popular choices for individuals who want to infuse their lives with more creative and passionate energies.

►Orange is a color that signifies vitality and high energy levels. It can symbolize the drive to accomplish goals and overcome challenges. Orange sapphires may be worn as a talisman to boost one's vitality and motivation.

►Metal type: 14K Rose Gold Vermeil. The base metal of the rings is 925 solid sterling silver coated with a layer of 14K rose gold. Vermeil is known for its luxurious appearance, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

►Please be aware that rose gold plating will naturally fade with wear, if this is a concern we would suggest going with the sterling silver or solid gold jewelry option.

►Sold as a set.

This jewelry piece is versatile, suitable for a range of occasions and celebrations, including anniversaries, bridesmaid gifts, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and graduations. Its minimalist aesthetic makes it suitable for everyday wear as well.

►By offering a unique vintage-inspired design, we cater to customers who appreciate classic and retro aesthetics. This design choice can appeal to individuals who are seeking something different, distinctive, and with a story to tell.

►The inclusion of a luxury velvet jewelry box adds an extra touch of elegance and protection for the item. Velvet is a soft and luxurious fabric that provides a stylish presentation. It not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also protects the item from scratches and damage.

►We go above and beyond the current industry standards to offer conflict-free gemstones and diamonds that have been selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. Our mission is to cultivate a more transparent, sustainable & inclusive jewelry industry. We believe in creating jewelry you can feel good about wearing, without ever compromising between quality and conscience.

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