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Aquamarise offers a wide selection of unique handcrafted high-quality jewelry that you will fall in love with. Our jewelry designs will delight you, from the first time you see it and every day after. Classic or fancy engagement rings and wedding bands will be a shining symbol of your timeless love story.  Our goal is comfort, quality, and durability to ensure that this is jewelry you will cherish for a lifetime.



We strive to make incomparably beautiful jewelry, just for you. Aquamarise will work with you to create a unique symbol of your love. We strive to make your online designing and buying experience as seamless as possible. Feel free to contact us if you would like to begin designing a custom piece. 



We create timeless jewelry filled with magical vibes and made with love! Handmade with both new and traditional techniques; infused with energy to magnify the power and healing properties of our gemstones, every Aquamarise piece is charged with positivity to instill light, strength and sparkle. 



We are committed to ethical practice - from mindfully sourcing materials, to delivering an honest customer service. 



All of our gemstones are ethically-sourced through the most respected suppliers who adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. 

We strive to use gemstones that are dutifully sourced in a way that maintains our integrity as a brand. By forming trust with our suppliers to understand the origins and traceability of stones, we can work together as an industry to encourage safe, responsible mining and healthy working conditions. 


 Each piece is designed and made by hand



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